Category: Senior Care

October 2, 2018

Your Medicare options EXPLAINED – $0 premium, or No deductible

$0 premium, or zero deductible? What Medicare option is best for you? Are you getting bombarded with too much Medicare noise? Open enrollment, AEP, SEP, Supplements, Advantage, Part-D, Plan F, Plan G? What does it all mean? We’ll help you understand the Medicare options available to you and help you choose plans that will limit your out-of-pocket healthcare expenses or even eliminate them. Contact us […]

August 23, 2018

Concerned about final expenses? Get your affairs in order

It’s time to start the conversation about protecting your family from debt and other final expenses. Low cost plans (from $15/month) can help cover some of the final expenses or funeral costs, providing your family with the comfort of grieving and recovering, instead of the stress of coming up with large sums or money in case of an unexpected death.  Our caring advisors can help […]

August 23, 2018

Funeral arrangements, pre-paid burial and cremation plans

It has become very expensive to die. Unfortunately, we can’t avoid it… The one thing we CAN do is to prepare. Pre-paid funeral plans and final expense life plans can help cover the large costs of a funeral, probate expenses, any other debt you may not want to leave to your family. Mortgage can be paid off with a lump sum final expense plan, as […]